The Science Behind a Calm and Positive Birth

Informed, Empowered

What is Hypnobirthing?

The ‘hypno’ in hypnobirthing may automatically conjure up some images of stage hypnosis and pendulums swinging. Where people lose control over themselves and information can be extracted without their knowledge. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The ‘hypno’ in hypnobirthing comes from hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is highly effective in birth to achieve a state of deep relaxation, release fears and tension. This is the ideal state our bodies require to do what they are designed to do when giving birth.

KG Hypnobirthing is a fully comprehensive antenatal education. It is logical, simple and effective. KG Hypnobirthing empowers you to have the best birth experience for you and your baby. KG Hypnobirthing releases the fear and negativity we have been programmed with around birth replacing it with confidence and calmness.

There is no one ‘perfect’ way to give birth and hypnobirthing cannot guarantee a specific birth scenario, but it will always have a positive impact in all birth outcomes. Whether this is a homebirth, water, hospital, or Cesarean, KG Hypnobirthing works by helping you achieve the birth that’s right for you, giving your baby the best start in life.   



KG Hypnobirthing helps you experience a positive birth


Practicing KG Hypnobirthing in pregnancy can help you bond with your baby and partner bringing you closer together


KG Hypnobirthing aids you in achieving a calm, serene and comfortable birth


KG Hypnobirthing equips you with the knowledge about your birthing body allowing you to let go and work with your body as it is naturally designed


KG Hypnobirthing helps prepare you for all eventualities in labour and birth


KG Hypnobirthing empowers you with the knowledge and information about alternatives available to you that you would otherwise not be made aware of


You are less likely to require pain relief while using hypnobirthing

KG Hypnobirthing will give you the confidence in your ability to give birth naturally


KG Hypnobirthing will help you better understand what mum is experiencing by explaining the physiological process of birth


Practicing KG Hypnobirthing with mum can help you bond with her and the baby bringing you closer together


KG Hypnobirthing gives you an active role in labour and birth so you do not feel like the helpless observer


KG Hypnobirthing empowers you with the knowledge to ask the right questions and know how and when to support mum


KG Hypnobirthing are often very alert after birth and show less signs of distress during birth


KG Hypnobirthing babies are often calmer and enter the world more gently


Babies will feel and feed off the benefits parents experienced

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