My hypnobirthing story started over two years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby. Until this point in my life all I had heard was that childbirth was  painful, dangerous, and a risky business. I was convinced that being pregnant and giving birth was one of the few miracles in life that we get to experience, so why shouldn’t it be experienced positively?

From my academic background in Social Anthropology I believed that our reality was socially constructed. If we are told over the years and through mass media that childbirth is painful then we will believe and perpetuate this reality. So with a little help from Google I came across some fantastically positive birth stories. It was so refreshing. The one thing they all had in common was Hypnobirthing. So at my next appointment I asked my midwife about it and to my surprise she was very supportive and said my hospital offered a KG Hypnobirthing course. I looked no further and signed up immediately.


My husband and I proceeded to practice and then use hypnobirthing successfully for the birth of our son almost two years ago. Since his gentle and calm entrance into this world we became strong advocates for hypnobirthing. However, reactions to our positive birth story were not quite what we expected. Many of our friends and family found it odd that we could speak so positively about something that is traditionally presented more negatively. Some dismissed us as soon as they heard ‘hypno’ thinking we were trying out some sort of new fad, not knowing how much scientific and physiological grounding there is in hypnobirthing.  These reactions spurred me on to wanting to change the rhetoric around birth and take a more active role.


I since trained as a hypnobirthing teacher with Katherine Graves, the only hypnobirthing course accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. I am now a qualified KG Hypnobirthing teacher and I'm ready to spread the message.


I hope that through teaching and supporting other women and their partners that we can change the rhetoric around birth together. We can start looking forward to our birth experiences and begin parenthood positively.  

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